Dr. Patrick Williams, Ed.D, MCC, is the visionary and leader of our team of world-class coaches and consultants’ team. We partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit social agencies to incorporate coaching skills into their work to reach target outcomes. The coach approach can be leveraged by NGOs to draw out the wisdom and motivation of their clients and employees. NGOs currently using coaching have a better understanding of their clients and can position themselves as experts in their field. This human capital is the source of leadership that will sustain change efforts long after the project cycle has completed. Our partners across the globe are using coaching to generate innovative solutions in partnership with the communities they serve.

Take a look at our programs and funding opportunities:

Flagler's Youth Program "Road To Success" Flagler's Youth Program: Current and ongoing. Coaching the Global Village is providing coaching/mentoring for young adults ages 16-21 who are participating in a comprehensive program designed to help participants become members of the workforce, and improve their life skills; including obtaining a high school diploma or GED, and/or obtaining a college education, [learn more]
Reconstruct Program Reconstruct Program: Current and ongoing. Coaching the Global Village is forming a new partnership with Talib Mustafa Shakir's Reconstruct Program. It is a program designed to introduce productive principles and provide realistic solutions to aid in the successful re-entry of current offenders back into society and provide coaching/mentoring for at-risk young adults. [learn more]
Haiti Project Haiti Project: April 24-25, 2013 and followups. Coaching the Global Village, in partnership with Handicap International (HI) to support the HI workers as it transition its activities from Emergency to Development in in the western region of Haiti, including Port au Prince and the South East. [learn more]
India, Ghana, Kenya Project: 2013-2016 Coaching the Global Village will be training locals in the coach approach for sustainable change during a three year project beginning in 2013 in India, Ghana, and Kenya (planning began in the Fall of 2012). The program purpose is to eradicate poverty and empower peace in rural communities through agribusiness sustainability. The Lead Coach is Ronald Mann, Ph.D. Funding supports the growth of this and other coaching programs in India and Sub-Saharan Africa toward community wide sustainability. [learn more]
The Veterans Book Project: Ongoing The veterans book project facilitates bookmaking workshops around the country. in these workshops, combat and non-combat veterans, their families, and others affected by the current American wars are invited to edit and design their archives and stories into softbound, print-on-demand books. Through their national network of therapists and coaches, Coaching the Global Village helps the Veterans Book Project choose a support counselor for each workshop, and offers "follow-up coaching" and basic coach training to veterans who have shown and interest in creating a peer to peer coaching protocol. For more information, please contact Dr. Patrick Williams. [learn more]
Kenya Project: 2015 Funding support allows the work of the Kenya Commitment to grow and teach local leaders to keep improving the community, school, and families in the years ahead. More specifically, to return to the Samburu area, in particular the Lorubae Primary School and the two women’s villages. The Hartmann Dadas* (*Swahili for "sisters") Kenya Commitment is the brainchild of two sisters: Karen Hartmann Canino and Mary Hartmann-Aitken. In early 2010, these two visionary and compassionate sisters visited the Gilesther Prep School in Ndaragwa, Kenya, where the children of their driver attend. After touring the school and seeing the library, the sisters agreed, "We have to do something to help." [learn more]
Kansas Leadership Council: 2011. Dr. Patrick Williams, founder of CGV is the featured trainer at a two-day workshop for coaches with the Kansas Leadership Council in Wichita, Kansas. KLC Civic Leadership Coaches challenge and support individuals and teams to find their voices, listen deeply to one another, and move beyond conversation to leadership and collective action to build stronger, healthier, more prosperous, and more joyful communities. [learn more]
Cameroon Africa Project: 2011 Coaching Essentials Toolkit developed in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership and coach training with IDF. Funding needs: $2500 USD to cover costs of training and materials for Cameroon educators and mentors as well as international volunteers. [learn more]
Coaching Essentials Toolkit: 2011 In partnership with Center for Creative Leadership, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, and their Leadership Beyond Borders program, Coaching the Global Village (CGV) received a $5,000 grant from the Harnisch Family Foundation as seed money to help create the Coaching Essentials Toolkit. [learn more]
Bhotechaur, Nepal: October 2010. For the second year running, BEabove Leadership, in partnership with the Bright Futures Foundation and supported by Coaching The Global Village (CGV) and Coaches Care (James Komosinski), traveled to Nepal to teach leadership and peer coaching skills to a women’s microlending cooperative in the foothills of the Himalayas. [learn more]
Cobano, Costa Rica: June, 2010. A two-day workshop was held in the small town of Cobano, Costa Rica, during which CGV partnered with Above the Line to train a group of 12 community leaders. (The trainers were Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga, originators of Americoach, who partnered with CGV in the first years of operations.) Counseling resources are very limited in this part of the country. Workshop participants will now act as peer coaches within their community, offering much-needed support with parenting, relationship, work issues and counseling in this growing community. We will stay in close contact with participants for 6 months following the workshop training. [learn more]
Bhotechaur, Nepal: October 2009. Bright Futures Foundation and Above the Line Coaching, in conjunction with CGV held a two-day workshop in Bhotechaur, Nepal to train local cooperative leaders (local women have formed a successful micro-lending cooperative, funding such projects as candle-making, goat purchase, and more) as both coaches and teachers so that they were equipped to both work one-on-one as peer coaches and train other women in coaching and leadership skills. [learn more]
Lansing, Michigan: January & February 2008. A two-day Coaching the Global Village training helped build a network of Michigan nonprofit professionals who use the coach approach to support and help others as they work toward their goals. The 22 participants, who were directors of Michigan’s AmeriCorps and Learn and Serve – Michigan programs, were introduced to coaching philosophies and developed basic coaching skills such as listening, asking powerful questions, motivating, and offering accountability. [learn more]
Montgomery County, Maryland: October, 2007 & March, 2008: A group of 28 business owners and managers in Montgomery County, Maryland participated in a highly successful two-day training on the Coach Approach. They learned specific, practical ways to integrate the skills they learned into their daily routines with their staff and each other. The training was designed to bring an international cross-section of participants together in a small group to maximize interactive learning and collaborative efforts. [learn more]


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